JOB TITLE: Director- Flavors


Oversees all aspects of the flavor lab including product testing, matching flavors and new flavor development.


1. Manages all flavor projects.

2. Directs training and supervising of lab personnel.

3. Responsible for coordinating the development of flavor technologies according to company’s goals.

4. Expands flavor library through the creation of new flavors for food and tobacco applications

5. Technical support for Consumer Products and Seasoning Areas. Works with food technologists to create flavor blocks for meat and poultry seasonings, salad dressings, sauces, gravies, snack seasonings, baking mixes, etc.

6. Facilitates and coordinate the direct scale up of flavor formulations.

7. Establishes protocols to comply with ISO regulations and quality programs. Evaluates and improves present procedures and initiates new procedures as needed for the dissemination and retention of critical information

8. Participates in the planning and execution of strategic sales presentations, in conjunction with sales department.

9. Supports the Vice President Research and Development in developing the Tech Center tactical plans, policies and procedures according to the company’s goals.

10. Performs evaluations and recommends appropriate compensation adjustments for lab personnel.

11. Administers employee records such as time sheets, absences, tardy records, overtime and safety records as required.

12. Demonstrates products to customers and work to improve or modify as required.

13. Discusses and coordinates projects to ensure all efforts take advantage of the expertise of the new products lab personnel.

14. Makes decisions as to the technical feasibility of the requests as well as whether or how we would be able to manufacture products.

15. Prioritizes, coordinates, monitors and assigns projects and sample requests to lab personnel.

16. Performs evaluations and recommends appropriate compensation adjustments.

17. Tracks and quantifies projects ensuring departmental resources are used to promote and achieve company objectives.

18. Effectively communicates within all levels of the organization in a leadership role.

19. Motivates personnel, organizes operations and delegates responsibilities including providing direction and feedback.

20. Effectively handles difficult and sensitive employee and customer issues.

• Bachelor's degree in chemistry, food science or related discipline or equivalent work experience required. Masters degree preferred.

• Extensive knowledge of the food and flavor industry in addition to design and development experience.

• Must be a certified flavor chemist by the Society of Flavor Chemists.

• Excellent written and oral communication skills.


Physical stamina to withstand extended periods of sitting or standing. Schedule flexibility is required. This position requires lifting of a minimum of 25 lbs.


Normal lab environment with occasional exposure to hazards of an industrial environment including noise, dust, hazardous materials, machinery and lift equipment. Direct contact with hazardous chemicals.

Please contact Terri Sherman 920-261-8890