JOB TITLE: Quality Services Supervisor

LOCATION: Wisconsin

SALARY: $45-50K +


Provide departmental direction and support, using coaching, motivation and supervisory techniques to ensure teams achieve specified levels of performance. Assure company product and processing quality and food safety standards are continually met by coordinating multiple people and processes and integrate process activities in a manner that achieves bottom line success. Oversees the safety, quality, training, retention, sanitation, budget, and productivity for employee teams under their supervision.


1. Hires, trains, coaches and motivates team members to achieve their maximum quality and productivity performance in their respective positions.

2. Plans and schedules manpower, materials, product and machines most effectively and efficiently utilize departmental resources to achieve company standards.

3. Promotes department and company goodwill through pro-active team member communication, team member involvement and by providing positive and/or corrective feedback.

4. Investigates, in cooperation with other departments, areas of quality improvement, cost reduction, method improvement and equipment maintenance and provides suggestions.

5. Develops and implements goals and objectives and departmental budget.

6. Assure that all products produced, from raw material to finished product and processes conducted during the production shit are performed in the highest quality and sanitary manner in accordance with company policies and procedures.

7. Oversee plant(s) compliance and interactions with regulatory body.

8. Supervise and evaluate pre-operational and operations sanitation inspection programs to insure the highest possible standard of plant cleanliness and equipment sanitation. Continually contributes to the improvement of company sanitation program.

9. Primary responsibility of maintain and assisting in implementation of the food safety systems of the plant. These systems include but are not limited to the plant’s HACCP, SSOP, and prerequisite programs to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements for the production of safe and wholesome food.

10. Keep quality Services Manager and various department heads informed of any ongoing quality or food safety-related deficiencies so that such trends can be reduced or eliminated.

11. Conduct assigned tests, special inspection or other duties as assigned by the Quality Services manager.

12. Manages the swabbing program, shelf life tests and other laboratory tests.

13. Responsible for ensuring appropriate product disposition for food produced or returned to the facility. Supporting and ensuring compliance of SQF standards.

14. Maintain systems to assure compliance to SQF standards and requirements including Commitment, Document Control and Records, Specifications, Attaining Food Safety, Verification, Product Identification Trace and Recall, Incident Management, Food Safety Fundamentals- Building and Equipment Design and Construction, and Food Safety Fundamentals- Pre-requisite programs.

15. Oversee monitoring, verification, and validation activities to ensure that all products leaving the facility meet Food Safety and Quality standards.


• Bachelor’s degree from a four year college or university in Food Technology, Agricultural Business, Animal Science or a related field; one or two years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.

• Considerable knowledge of Quality Services

• Considerable knowledge of supervisory management practices and principles

• Considerable knowledge of production management practices and principles

• Considerable skills in communication

• Considerable supervisory skill

• Marked ability to analyze and respond to production problems

• Strong understanding of Meat/Poultry processing, USDA, FSIS regulations, Food Safety and Quality Assurance standards and a commitment to food safety and quality

• Ability to lead, motivate and develop team members

• Excellent organization and time management skills

• Advanced computer skills in Microsoft Excel, Access and Word required

• Strong understanding of HACCP/SSOP

• Preferred HACCP and SQF certification

Please contact Terri Sherman 920-261-8890