POSITION: Dir of Product Development – Phosphates
Manufacturer of high quality US sourced. food-grade Tricalcium Phosphate (TCP), an ingredient widely used as a calcium supplement in a variety of food, pharmaceutical, and animal feed products.
The applications of TCP include, but are not limited to:
Calcium/phosphorus fortification, anti-caking agent, clouding agent, flow agent, leavening agent, binding agent, buffering agent, releasing agent, Mold Release Agent and coloring agent in ceramic.

* Meat, Poultry, Pork/Ham
* Seasoning/Dry Mixes/Blends Marinades, salt substitutes, gravy mixes, soups
* Beverages Dry mixes, fruit juices, soy beverages
* Baking Flour, cake and cookie mixes, bars
* Food Crackers, chocolate candy, cereals
* Dairy, cheese, yogurt
* Infant foods, Nutritional foods, Pharmaceuticals, Vitamins, liquid supplements
* Hygroscopic Food Products Table salt, salt substitute
* Pet Foods Dog food, cat food, pet vitamins
* Cosmetics, Toothpaste, Bath and Beauty Personal care items
* Industrial chemicals Coating

LOCATION: Central Midwest

SALARY RANGE: $80-125K depending on your qualifications

DESCRIPTION: To develop and direct a quality control program through inspection of raw materials, work-in-progress, and finished goods as well as analysis of production operations and processes. It is the responsibility of the Director of Product Development to provide the leadership necessary for the research and implementation of all product development.

1. Provides leadership and guidance for the subordinate chemist professionals and QC Lab technicians to ensure the company’s and the customers’ quality requirements are met.
2. Develops, documents, and maintains all product specifications. Educates appropriate staff members on all product lines and their respective specifications.
3. Continually analyzes production process and refines in-process quality monitoring so that nonconformities are detected early in the process and can be promptly corrected.
4. Analyzes root causes, allocates costs for nonconforming product, and rank orders according to reason for product failure.
5. Works with production teams to devise ways to reduce rejection rates and associated costs.
6. Conducts research and development testing on potential new products to prove or modify theoretical propositions on the basis of comments in the literature of the field, established research findings, and the experience of other staff members in the technological area. 7. Discusses progress and interim findings of all product development with upper management on a timely basis.
8. On customer-oriented projects, works with customer line and technical personnel to test out theories or findings.
9. Draws on expertise from academia and 3rd party consultants, where needed, to assist with relevant parts of product development.
10. Assist financial staff in preparation of AFEs (Authorization For Expenditures) for capital equipment to meet new or changed process needs involving chemical or laboratory equipment.

The Director of Product Development performs evaluation as a solo professional or leading a team of chemists and technicians in carrying through a complete series of tests on in-process product at different stages of manufacture or on finished product.

1. Master's degree or doctorate in chemistry or chemical engineering, and three years’ experience in chemical research work required.
2. Strong analytic and communication skills. Ability to make platform presentations to in-company management personnel and customers' executives. Ability to write a concise report of findings.
3. Personal computer and Office Suite skills with ability to compose internal and external correspondence.
4. Ability to convey a positive and professional image to the customer and employees.

All Lab Equipment
Personal Computer
Telecommunication Equipment

Please contact Terri Sherman 920-261-8890