JO 15253 Research and Development Scientist



Salary Range:

$50-$70K (can be more depending on experience)


1. Primary contact for key R&D initiatives as outlined by R&D Manager.

2. Major Product Types:

·         Caramel Corn.

·         Ready to Eat Sweet and Savory Popcorn.

·         Microwave Popcorn.

·         Popcorn Enrobing and Confectionary Products.

·         Newly Defined Products.

o    Popcorn Hybrid Selection as it relates to Flavor and Performance.

o    Formulation Development on all ingredients.

o    Food Science Principles.

§  Shelf-life.

§  Chemistry.

o    Formulation Marriage with Operations.

§  Process Optimization.

o    Customer/Sales Point Person for Product.

3. Major Ingredient Types:

·         Popcorn.

·         Oils: Canola, Sunflower, Coconut, Palm, Cottonseed.

·         Flavors: All sweet and savory types. Natural and N&A, WONF.

·         Seasonings: All sweet and savory.

4. Special Project Management as Outlined by R&D Manager.

·         To be determined based on skills and workload.

5. Food Science as it relates to Packaging.

·         Artwork Adherence to Government Compliance.

·         Nutritional Fact Panel Design and Test Verification.

o    Third Party Laboratory.

o    Genesis” Program.

·         Development in conjunction with Packaging Engineer.

·         Shelf-life Determination.

6. Competitive Analysis Program.

·         Manage sample preparation and slides for CA Meeting each quarter.

·         Design special topics for meeting such as Competitor’s Nutritional Data, etc.

7. Design and Develop Consumer Testing Strategies.

·         Work closely with Marketing.

·         Work closely with Sales.

·         Design Questionnaire with Consumer Research Company.

o    Disseminate results to Management with recommendations.

8. Participate and Lead Weekly and Monthly Discussions with Senior Managers.


Minor Duties Include:

·         Lab methods and trial development.

·         Work closely with Lab Technician.

·         Plant trials as related to R&D.

·         Hybrid evaluation of harvested popcorn.

·         Source alternative suppliers for ingredients.

·         Analytical support, working closely with the Quality Department.


Position Requirements:

·         Master’s in Food Science Preferred or Food Engineering, Chemistry or related study.

·         4-8 Years’ Experience Developing Food Products.

·         Positive, energetic attitude with a desire to see a project to completion and launch.


Terri Sherman, Vice President-Industrial Foods, Ingredients & Flavors, Tom Sloan & Associates, tsherman@tsloan.com, 920-261-8890

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