JO 15262 Research and Product Development Manager
Manufacturer of fractionated spraydried Milk Protein Concentrate (MPC), Milk Permeate, and Milk Cream derivatives to customers around the globe. Their proteins are used in a variety of applications, from nutritional supplements to cheese, yogurt and other dairy based foods.



Salary Range:

$ Competitive compensation based on your experience


The Research and Product Development Manager is a member of the Management Team and works to achieve objectives established in the Strategic Plan.

The position is responsible for all aspects of new product development, evaluation of new technologies, coordinating scale-up of new products/technologies, research to support IMPís product and technology portfolio,  management of various University collaborations, intellectual property development and everyday management of this Companies product development staff and laboratories .

He/she is responsible for the development and analysis of the department budget, identifying capital requirements to grow department capability, scheduling labor hours and trials and effectively reporting results to the organization.  He/she works closely with colleagues in Production, Quality and Marketing & Sales to implement new product and process development and to troubleshoot issues with existing products and processes.  The Research and Product Development Manager provides leadership, acts as a coach, mentor, and cross functional team member.


         Ensures that day-to-day operations of the research and product development labs are efficient and productive.

         Effectively manages direct reports and University/Consulting partners.  Prepares timely and pertinent performance objectives and appraisals for direct reports.

         Based upon the Horizon model and strategic plan, develops short, medium and long range research and product development plans.  Works with Marketing and Sales and Production to develop realistic timelines and budgets for individual projects.

         Represents Company in relevant Dairy Industry organizations and keeps abreast of current topics in dairy and nutritional research.  Maintains a close contact with the Dairy Research Institute. 

         Works with Production and QA to troubleshoot process/product issues and continuously improve product consistency.

         Prepares presentations and reports that are communicated to the organization.

         Works with Marketing and Sales to identify and develop feasibility of new products.  Assists Marketing and Sales with trade shows and customer inquiries.

         Works with University partners to design and implement R&D projects that further Companys internal efforts.  Develops and manages contracts with University and Consulting partners.

         Works with the Procurement Manager to ensure efficient, cost effective and timely purchase of lab supplies and equipment.

         Makes recommendations to constantly upgrade department personnel, equipment and capabilities.

         Works with Quality Assurance and Production to continuously improve the quality of Company products.  Collaborates with Sales and Quality and Production to evaluate customer requirements and the plantís ability to consistently meet customer specifications. 

         Advises the General Manager on project progress, opportunities that might be pursued, intellectual property issues and product/process/technology trends.

         Ensures that all department employees are adhering to company policy and administering practices in a fair and equitable manner.

         Functions as a key member of the Management Team.  Works with the team to develop strategies and tactical plans to help grow the business.

         Performs all other projects as assigned.



         Required: Masterís degree in Microbiology, Food Science, Chemistry, Dairy Science or other related field

         Preferred: PhD in Microbiology, Food Science, Chemistry, Dairy Science or other related field


         Minimum 10 years experience in the food and nutrition industry

         Minimum 8-10 years experience managing technical personnel and R&D activities

         Minimum 5 or more years experience in the dairy industry

         Experience in dairy manufacturing unit operations including heat treatment, membrane separation and spray drying

         Experience developing and characterizing nutritional products

         Experience in working with Intellectual Property issues

         Proven expertise in problem solving, experimental methods and PC applications


         Able to work in teams effectively and encourage a positive work environment

         Excellent verbal and written communication skills

         Demonstrated ability to effectively trouble-shoot and use problem solving skills

         Effectively interacts with individuals, teams, supervisor, management, universities, and vendors

         Effective decision making skills, critical thinking, and problem solving skills

         Accuracy and attention to details in daily activities

         Highly organized, with the ability to adapt quickly to changing priorities

         Good interpersonal skills

         Effective prioritizing and time management skills

         Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with those contacted during the course of work


         Advanced knowledge of biochemistry, microbiology and nutritional chemistry

         Knowledge of milk fractionation, protein powders and milk permeate

Physical Requirements:

         Occasional ascending and/or descending of ladders and stairs using feet and legs and/or hands and arms on a regular basis. Body agility is emphasized

         Walking: Moving about on foot to accomplish tasks, particularly for long distances on a regular basis

         Sitting for extended periods of time at a computer

         Pulling: Using upper extremities to exert force in order to draw, drag, haul or tug objects in a sustained motion.

         Talking: Expressing or exchanging ideas by means of the spoken word.  Includes activities in which they must convey detailed or important spoken instructions to other workers accurately, loudly, or quickly

         Subject to up to at least 92dbís


Terri Sherman, Vice President-Industrial Foods, Ingredients & Flavors, Tom Sloan & Associates, tsherman@tsloan.com, 920-261-8890

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