JO 15383 Quality Manager

Job Title:

Quality Manager



Salary Range:

Negotiable, based on experience

Department :





Plant Director


  • Organize the quality team’s work.
  • Manage staff:  integrate, train, appraise, redefine responsibilities, praise, ensure development and gauge training needs.
  • Conduct interviews as necessary.
  • Lead a team:  delegate, instill a sense of responsibility, set targets, communicates instructions, control, listen.
  • Provide reports to his or her line management.
  • Cooperate with other management personnel in formulating and establishing company policies, and goals.
  • Develop and implement the quality programs.
  • Answer to customer audits as requested.
  • Verify the conformance between the products and regulatory, customers and company specifications.
  • Propose actions to continuously reduce customers’ and consumers’ complaints.
  • Take action to continuously improve the quality programs.
  • Conduct internal audits to validate the effectiveness of the quality programs.
  • Implement and follow quality plan of actions as needed.
  • Ensure the communication of the processes targets to the processes pilots in accordance with Plant Director and Assistant Plant Director.
  • Prepare quality management reviews with the Plant Director.
  • Release the cheese before shipment to customer.
  • Responsible to dispose of non-conforming product.
  • Primary responsibility to dispose of non-conforming product.
  • Manage the Food Safety crisis management team.
  • Conduct mock recalls with quality team and departments involved.
  • As the food safety team leader of the plant, she/he implements and maintains and updates a food safety management system (FSMS) in accordance with FSSC22000 scheme, customers, and Company requirements.
  • Lead the Food Safety team and take action to continuously improve the FSMS.
  • Conduct internal food safety audits to validate the effectiveness of the FSMS.
  • Implement and follow food safety plan of actions as needed.
  • Ensure the Company’s employees training for food safety programs.
  • Take necessary measures if people are not following food safety programs.
  • Train, verify, and implement corrective actions of any deviations in the HACCP Program.
  • Propose technical/ processes modifications in order to ensure continuous improvement of the product/ process.
  • Be involved in trials (parameters modifications, shelf life validation)
  • Apply the safety rules and ensure they are implemented and followed.
  • Prevent potential risks.
  • Take necessary measures if people are performing unsafe acts or are in an unsafe environment.
  • Comply with all of the Company’s Policies and Procedures.
  • Uphold all rules pertaining to confidentiality of information regarding the Company’s products, recipes and employee information




§  Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Dairy Science/Chemistry preferred.

§  5 years experience in dairy production and/or food industry.

§  3-5 years experience in a management/supervisory role.

§  Knowledge of dairy/cheese making process, food science, and quality systems.  

§  Computer skills (Excel, Word, PowerPoint), must be able to create graphs, charts, statistical formulas.

§  Math skills to include: statistical and data analysis.



Dave Sloan, Vice President-Dairy Operations, Tom Sloan & Associates, dsloan@tsloan.com, 920-261-8890

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