JO 15436 Manager of Dairy Research & Development

Salary Range:

To $90K


As the Manager of Dairy Research & Development, youíll oversee R&D functions of three dairy plants and the development of award-winning products, such as our various flavors of delicious ice cream and yogurt, dairy beverages like milk and flavored milk, non-dairy beverages like soda and tea, and cultured products like cottage cheese and sour cream. Must have at least five years of experience in a dairy manufacturing environment and at least two years of product development experience. 

Preferred Qualifications:

         Masterís Degree in Food Science or a related field.
         Ten or more years in a dairy manufacturing environment with five or more years of product development experience.



         The ideation and innovation of new products and improving existing products; which includes developing prototypes of requested products, developing new iterations, adjusting recipes, establishing specifications, coordinating production tests and supporting the initial roll out of the product.
         Testing and approving raw materials for use in new and existing products; which includes, evaluating specifications, testing new raw materials and approving the final specifications, packaging and formula changes.
         Troubleshooting issues with existing products; which includes assisting production managers in solving quality or productivity issues, testing and troubleshooting products by modifying formulas and/or production conditions and then communicating, implementing and ensuring changes are made at the production level.
         Ensuring Dairy Plant product labels and packaging accurately reflect product nutrition and ingredient information, while also meeting all regulatory, Kosher, and Organic certification requirements.
         Participating in and/or coordinating product cuttings to ensure that the Dairy Plant products are meeting quality specifications; providing critical and objective feedback to ensure that the Dairy Plant products are better than comparable brand or competitor products. 
         Answering technical dairy-related product questions from the Retail Business Units, plant management, supply purchasing and customers.
         Managing the day-to-day activities and development of the R&D department associate(s).



         Bachelorís Degree in Food Science or a related field or equivalent work experience. 
         Five or more years in a dairy manufacturing environment with two or more years of product development experience.
         Knowledge of ingredient functionality and interactions.
         Knowledge of the dairy industry and consumer trends.
         Knowledge of the dairy production process and equipment capabilities.
         Problem-solving and analytical skills.
         Strong organizational and time management skills.
         Ability to learn new, complex ideas or concepts.
         Ability to perform sensory analysis on dairy products.
         Ability to develop and conduct presentations.
         Be creative and have the ability to think outside the box
         Ability to communicate with all levels of the organization, regulatory personnel, suppliers and customers, both orally and through written communication.
         Have honesty, integrity and loyalty in all situations.
         Ability to exhibit poise and professionalism in stressful situations and make appropriate decisions.
         Ability to plan effectively and prioritize tasks.
         Ability to handle confidential and sensitive information professionally.
         Working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.
         Excellent attendance and punctuality.
         Willingness to work flexible hours including nights, weekends and holidays.
         Willingness to continuously further knowledge of the dairy industry.
         Ability to travel overnight or on extended trips which may or may not include traveling by air.
         Good human relation skills (the ability to work well with others and be a team member).
         Obvious enthusiasm, initiative and pride in work.


Terri Sherman, Vice President-Industrial Foods, Ingredients & Flavors, Tom Sloan & Associates, tsherman@tsloan.com, 920-261-8890

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