JO 15447 Food Scientist – Consumer Products

Manufacturer of  Custom  dry mixes, savory/seasonings, bakery, soups/sauces Beverages & Flavor Systems

Provider of flavors, seasoning blends, Dry Mixes –Bakery, savory, beverage, rub, marinades, and flavor technologies for food and beverage manufacturers.

This company drives innovation and solutions for its customers with scientific and culinary capabilities combined with a passion for service.

 Focuses is on core areas of expertise  -  Industrial Ingredients, Foodservice; Consumer Products, Private Label, 

Portfolio of services, include R&D, custom formulation development, turnkey solutions, and menu ideation.


Southeast WI area

Salary Range:

$ Competitive compensation based on your experience.


Research and Development Center

Reports to:

Director – Consumer Products


To conduct product testing, match seasonings and finished products and develop new products.

Essential Functions:

·         Responsible for the overall creation of new products for customers based on ingredient, cost, performance and organoleptic targets.

·         Accurately assess, clarify and ascertain pertinent internal and external information outlining project request requirements.

·         Sets priorities and timelines for the agreed upon customer projects as assigned.

·         Determines systematic, efficient approach to projects through the review and examination of related projects, reference materials, and information from sales person.

·         Consults with suppliers and procurement to determine appropriate raw materials necessary to develop quality products.

·         Solicits advice and technical support from other department members on applications and suitability of project plan.

·         Executes project plans.

·         Provides complete documentation of each experiment including purpose, date, handling, measurements, results and conclusions of variables evaluated and subsequent course of action.

·         Determines ingredient and finished product cost feasibility.

·         Along with the appropriate customer research and development personnel, consults with operations personnel to identify processing recommendations and requirements for efficient manufacturing.

·         Inputs formulae, in standardized format into the Tech Book system specifying processing instructions as required.

·         Establishes and develops the QA procedure and specifications according to designated procedures.

·         Supports customer sampling program through the coordination and supply of outgoing samples.

·         Follows documented procedures for ISO, including the WAR and FARS process.

·         Facilitates and direct scale-up by assisting with initial production runs as needed.

·         Maintains a daily log of time spent on projects and tasks.

·         Collaborates with the assigned sales representative to establish constructive working relationships with customer and provide for customers requests in a timely manner.

·         Represents the company in related professional associations.

·         Maintains an up to date knowledge base in the field of food technology and food technology applications.

·         Effectively demonstrates the Company products to customers.

·         Effectively demonstrates competence and comfort in working in kitchen environments.


Additional Responsibilities:

Perform other tasks and responsibilities as assigned.


·         Bachelor's degree in food science or related field is required. 

·         3+ years of previous experience in food product development is required. 

·         Strong analytical skills including a knowledge of ingredient functionality across a broad range of food products and the ability to develop successful products. 

·         Demonstrated experience of excellent communication, working well in a team environment, confidence, enthusiasm and initiative and the ability to work closely with customers. 

·         Excellent concise technical writing skills.


Must possess, demonstrate and follow all instructions, procedures and guidelines set forth in all applicable Company/ISO/department policies to assure continued quality product is produced.

Physical Demands:

This position requires a lifting of a minimum of 25 lbs. Schedule flexibility.

Working Conditions:

Normal lab environment with occasional exposure to hazards of an industrial environment including noise, dust, hazardous materials, machinery and lift equipment.

Company Policy:

Must follow company policies as outlined in quality and safety procedures and the Company employee handbook.


Terri Sherman, Vice President-Industrial Foods, Ingredients & Flavors, Tom Sloan & Associates, tsherman@tsloan.com, 920-261-8890; Cell: 414-530-4171

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