JO 15487 Plant Engineer



Salary Range:



This position is the head of the plant department and responsible for:

·         All maintenance activities on the plant site.

·         The operation of all utility systems at the plant site

·         Project engineering at the plant site

·         Manage and maintain Repair & Maintenance Budget for beef facility

Manager is responsible to lead, develop and motivate the efforts of between 160 and 170 hourly and between 30 and 35 salaried employees working 24 hours per day – 7 days per week.

Principal Responsibilities:

·         Insure reliability of plant equipment and maintain downtime at 2 minutes per shift for the fabrication and 5 minutes per shift for the slaughter area. Establish and meet downtime and operational goals for outlying areas such as ground beef, warehousing, waste water treatment and rendering, etc.

·         Oversee massive training programs to maintain the skill level of the hourly and salaried workforce.

·         Motivate interest in, and insure compliance with, stringent plant safety programs while maintaining high levels of labor efficiency and effectiveness in responding to breakdowns and plant interruptions.

·         Actively involve maintenance personnel to insure their expertise is used to improve food safety wherever applicable.

·         Maintain close communications with operations and other plant departments and develop an appreciation for overall plant performance issues in all employees within the department.

·         Assist the Plant VP in assuring continuous plant improvement

·         Help insure reliable and cost effective operation of utility systems that are on line continuously. This includes steam generation, ammonia refrigeration, air compression, electrical distribution and others.

·         Help develop capital investment ideas that support overall plant profitability and develop and maintain the organizational capability to accomplish these projects.

·         Represents the corporation in dealing with outside firms.

·         Evaluate the performance of superintendents and foreman; take corrective or remedial action as needed.

·         Represent the entire plant’s needs and point of view in discussions, with corporate engineering, regarding technical standards, project scope development and accomplishment.

·         Ensure that the maintenance division complies with all Food Safety, Personal Safety and Environmental Programs, Regulations and Directives.

·         Develop and grow a trusting relationship with the USDA to insure that their requirements are being met.

·         Ability to read/understand spreadsheets, blueprints and contracts.

Working Conditions:

·         Climbing and frequent exposure to weather conditions.

·         On call 24 hours a day – 7 days per week.

·         Job responsibilities typically require extended hours.



·         5 additional years of applicable experience



·         10 years minimum of progressively more responsible positions within industrial maintenance field.

·         Minimum of 5 years within a food processing industry.



·         Background in ammonia refrigeration, steam generation, air compressor technology, chain drives, all types of conveying variable frequency motor controls, maintenance of sanitary conditions, cost accounting and motivational theories within a multi-ethnic workforce are critical to success.

·         Must have the ability to lead people.



·         Must maintain productive and effective working relationships with operations and staff counterparts under the most difficult plant environments.

·         Is looked to be THE plant leader in operating his/her department for the larger good of the company and the facility assigned.

·         In constant contact with all plant departments and USDA.


Frequent contact with vendors and local government authorities.

Supervision of Personnel:

·         Maintenance Superintendants through whom 160—170 people report.

·         Project Engineer and Draftsperson

·         Secretary, Planners, and Reliability Coordinator


Tom Sloan, President, tsloan@tsloan.com, 920-261-8890

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