JO 15518 Maintenance Supervisor/Manager



Salary Range:


Basic Function:

To keep facility and equipment operating in an efficient and safe condition.


·         Education
Required:  High School and Vocational School Graduate in Heating and Refrigeration, Industrial Maintenance, Electronics or Master electrician.


·         Experience
A minimum of 6 years experience in maintenance with same or similar industry.


·         Skill, Knowledge, and Abilities

o   Good interpersonal, analytical, organization and communication skills both written and verbal.

o   Demonstrated leadership by taking ownership, being enthusiastic, motivated and a self-starter.

o   Good project development and following through.

o   Ability to present innovative ideas and suggestions.


·         Working Conditions
Office environment with plant conditions of noise, cold, wet and slippery conditions.

Reporting Relationships:

1.     The Plant Engineer reports to and is accountable to the Chief Operating Officer.

2.     The following positions report directly to the Plant Manager:

            I.        Maintenance Foreman

           II.        RTE/Bacon Maintenance Supervisor

          III.        Processing Maintenance Supervisor

         IV.        Maintenance Technicians

          V.        Electrician



1.      Handles all personnel actions including hiring, training, promoting, disciplining and terminating.

2.      Stop any operation within the facility that presents a quality, food safety or personnel safety issue.

3.      Full decision making authority within the functional area of the position.



1.       Ensure that the facility is maintained in a condition that meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements and the company’s standards.

2.       Ensures that all equipment is properly maintained through preventive maintenance programs.

3.       Ensures that quality problems associated with the equipment and equipment downtime is minimized.

4.       Ensure that the Smoke Houses are calibrated and balanced as per the appropriate SOP.

5.       Direct construction, remodel and reset projects.

6.       Purchase new equipment based on the analysis of this and other staff positions.

7.       Supervise and evaluate staff ensuring performance evaluations are completed in a timely manner.

8.     Ensures the safety of all employees through instruction regarding safety methods to be utilized in performing work duties, for taking immediate corrective measures to eliminate hazardous conditions and/or practices and for the prevention of all accidents, whether personal injury or property damage.  Will not permit safety to be sacrificed for any reason, including production, time limitations or unexpected problems.


Principal Duties:

1.       Ensure proper maintenance of all equipment and facilities.

2.       Computer data entry to achieve necessary information to properly manage a preventative/maintenance program.

3.       Order and maintain a spare parts inventory.

4.       Work directly with vendors.

5.       Supervise all plant employees on proper equipment operation and plant safety.

6.       Interview, hire and train new employees.

7.       Schedule and delegate maintenance tasks.

8.       All maintenance office functions…paying invoices, filing etc.

9.       Design and fabricate new equipment – conveyors, blast chillers, etc.

10.   Monitor and verity certain HACCP related issues, calibration, temperatures, equipment performance.

11.   Design new processing/packing production lines as needed.

12.   Prepare and file the following reports: Compressed Air, Lighting, Temperatures, Scale Certification, ND Weights and Measures and S-H Calibration.

13.   Maintain log of Smoke House balancing changes and results.

14.  Perform any other duties as directed by the Chief Operating Officer.


Measurements of Performance:

1.       Work results in all activities being accomplished in accordance with the directives of the Chief Operating Officer.

2.       All reports have been submitted in an accurate and timely manner.

3.       Subordinates are supervised in such a manner that the employee morale and productivity is maintained at the highest possible level.

4.       Treats co-workers, management and customers with respect and dignity.

5.       Employee performance evaluations have been accomplished on those personnel reporting directly to the Plant Engineer.

6.       Actively participates in management meetings.

7.     Minimizes production interruptions caused by equipment and facility failures.



Tom Sloan, President, tsloan@tsloan.com, 920-261-8890

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