JO 15540 RM Documentation Specialist


Atlanta, GA area

Salary Range:

$ competitive base salary +10% bonus, benefits package, relocation package

Purpose of the Job:

·         The full management of Supplier specifications of raw materials and/or Finished products (also: co-packing) from zero to completion.

·         To complete the MasterSpecs as received from the IC.

·         To come, via direct contact with suppliers and IC, to agreements on the specification content.

·         Delivering the legal label content for finished products, in line with the projects run by R&D and CAT.

·         To maintain the specs during their entire lifecycle.

·         To support local users of the specification system in technical RM and search issues.

·         To be active part of the Governance team as specification expert.

·         The work is to be done in SAP RM (ZEUS) data-base, considered as the single source of information for this Company. It is a Global support function.


Result Areas:

·         Completes MasterSpecs coming from IC with required Q-parameters.

·         Creating, completing Supplier specs and linking supplier specs to MasterSpecs.

·         Communicating to suppliers to achieve correct and detailed information, based on the minimum requirement documents.

·         Making suppliers signing the specs within the required time frame.

·         Being able and doing searches in RM (querying).

·         Creating the required standard reports from RM.

·         Maintaining specs and attached documents within the valid periods.

·         Creating co-packing specs in a correct way, via the recipe, including declaration.

·         Creating ingredient declarations in a legally correct manner based on the recipes provided by R&D.

·         Able to collect missing data in an efficient way by the most appropriate channels so that no disturbance in the market is created.

·         Provides the agreed product data to the business/customers in a timely and efficient manner.

·         Member of a Governance team (if working in raw materials) and as such contributing in the life-cycle of the materials and their specifications.

·         Support the agreed ways of working with centralized label printing.



·         Correctness and completeness % of the product data cube for the assigned products.

·         Timely delivery (applicable SLA’s) of business required product-data.

·         On-time implementation of legal and regulatory changes.


Business Capabilities:

·         Working knowledge of regulatory requirements for Specifications.

·         Understanding of SAP-RM and other IT systems that support the product data cube.

·         Able to participate in a continuous improvement & efficiency program.

·         Able to cooperate in maximal synergy with the other C&D members globally and with clients/suppliers.

·         Able to manage priorities in a flexible way.

·         Speaks clear official English, preferably also good notions of a second language used in RM.

·         Understands the organization so to be able to connect to the right persons to solve issues.


Interpersonal Skills:

·         Ability to manage and build consensus amongst various stakeholders within the job content.

·         Easily applying best communication solutions (e.g. – telephone, MS Lync, mail, letter, physically meeting) to solve issues ASAP.

·         Tenacious to find the required information, food knowledge (dietician, chemist, etc.)

·         Able to work result oriented under time-pressure.

·         Owns responsibility and initiative for personal and team tasks.



Terri Sherman, Vice President-Industrial Foods, Ingredients & Flavors, Tom Sloan & Associates, tsherman@tsloan.com, 920-261-8890

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