JO 15558 Quality Systems Supervisor



Salary Range:

Experience based.


         Execute quality leadership role, assisting the plant quality manager and plant manager to achieve quality and food safety goals.

         Demonstrate a commitment to customer focus, both internal and external, to ensure delivery of products that meet or exceed customer expectations throughout the quality chain.

         Supervise quality laboratory operation and testing per company requirements following established procedures, including organizing and assigning work duties, while maintaining a safe and harmonious work environment.

         Interpret and communicate quality data per standard procedures and report to plant management.

         Audit compliance of quality and food safety systems per company standard procedures.

         Oversee the plantís master sanitation program under direction of the Plant Quality Manager and/or Plant Manager.

         Execute the plantís EPM (Environmental Pathogen Monitoring) program and CEV (Cleaned Equipment Verification) programs.

         Assume Plant Quality Manager relief coverage during times of absence, where applicable.


Training &

         Initial Company orientation training if new employee.† Reference Company Employee Orientation Program and Company Employee Reference Guide.† Trainer:† Plant† Quality Systems Manager and/or Plant Manager

         A minimum of 3 weeks on the job training to learn lab and plant-related operations, laboratory and operations quality systems procedures and policies, etc.† Please reference the Quality Systems Supervisor Critical Skills and Training Checklist.† Trainer:† Plant Quality Systems Manager and/or Plant Manager, Trained Lab Technician, Corporate Regulatory and Compliance Manager and/or Director of Quality Assurance.

         Certification by state authorities on incoming milk testing, where applicable.† Trainer:† Certified Analyst on site

         Company GMP, Sanitation and HACCP requirements.† Trainer:† Plant Quality Systems Manager and/or Plant Manager, Corporate Regulatory and Compliance Manager and/or Director of Quality Assurance.


Job Accountabilities
& Critical Skills

A.† Assist the Plant Quality Manager and Director of Quality Assurance through execution of the following:

  • Promote accountability of compliance to quality standards and expectations.† Take appropriate corrective actions as necessary.
  • Direct plant testing plans for raw materials, in-process products, finished products, and environmental programs.
  • Supervise laboratory activities to ensure compliance to standard procedures resulting in accurate and timely data.
  • Implement and monitor laboratory proficiency program.
  • Audit and report compliance to plant quality and food safety (HACCP) systems per company procedures.
  • Track and report product quality key performance measures to plant management.† Analyze data and make recommendations to the Plant Quality Manager.
  • Monitor and report compliance and adequacy of the plantís master sanitation program.
  • Coordinate, track compliance, and execute quality training programs for GMP, Sanitation, and HACCP programs.
  • Learn and apply fundamental manufacturing process/procedure knowledge in order to provide operations technical support in areas of quality, food safety, and sanitation.
  • Serve as primary document control coordinator for the site regarding specifications, manufacturing procedures, work instructions, customer issued documents, etc.† Maintain the siteís master document system to ensure appropriate use of controlled documents.
  • Provide leadership in the areas of corrective and preventative action plans.† Track actions plans for completion and effectiveness.
  • †Actively participate in the plantís safety programs and promote safety awareness and accountability throughout the site.
  • Provide back-up support in other areas of direct accountability as needed to support the operations.


B.† As a trained laboratory technician back-up, shall complete the following as needed:

  • Complete required quality testing of raw materials, in-process products, finished products or other materials per company or regulatory standards.
  • Execute sampling of products throughout the process to determine compliance to specifications.
  • Monitor temperatures or other key process controls points throughout the process to ensure the production of consistent quality products.
  • Maintain clear and accurate laboratory record keeping.
  • Perform calibrations of laboratory equipment per standard requirements.
  • Interpret and communicate quality data per standard procedures.† Communicate out of specification issues immediately to plant supervision to initiate appropriate corrective action.† Follow the plantís standard procedure for control of non-conforming product.
  • Complete required training for GMPís, HACCP, OSHA safety programs, and the Companyís Quality Standards.
  • Review MSDS sheets and use lab chemicals safely in compliance with company and OSHA requirements.
  • Maintain lab analyst certifications as required.

†Perform all other duties as assigned by supervisor.


Reporting Structure:

         Reports directly to the Plant Quality Systems Manager, or in absence of the Plant Quality Manager, reports directly to the Director of Quality Assurance, with an additional functional report to the Plant Manager.

         Supervise lab technicians.


Minimum Required Qualifications:

         Effective oral and written communications skills are required to maintain an effective working relationship with other lab and plant team members.

         Minimum associates degree in Food Science or related field with 1-3 years food industry experience is preferred.

         Demonstrate strong PC skills (Microsoft Excel, Word, Access) in working with quality data management programs.† Maintenance of spreadsheets, databases, and specification systems is critical.

         Strong analytical skills with ability to interpret data effectively and communicate results and recommendations to plant management.

         Effective working experience with maintenance, calibration, and troubleshooting of laboratory testing equipment, including NIR instrumentation.†


Physical Requirements:

While performing the duties of this position, the employee may be required to:

         Sit, stand, climb, bend, and squat, or walk for prolonged periods of time.†

         Operate a computer and keyboard; have visual acuity to review written documentation; ability to hear and understand speech; manual dexterity to operate a telephone.

         Lift horizontally and vertically, bend and stoop. Employee must be able to lift 50 lbs.

The employee must also be tolerant to allergen exposure; please reference the plantís allergen control program for detail regarding allergen exposure risks.



Dave Sloan, Vice President-Dairy Operations, Tom Sloan & Associates, dsloan@tsloan.com, 920-261-8890

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