JO 15580 Assistant Maintenance Manager



Salary Range:

Experience Based

Reporting Relationship:

Reporting Links:

         Reporting to: Maintenance Manager

         Responsible for: 1st, 2nd and 3rd Shift Lead Mechanics

         Back-up: Maintenance Manager


This company is looking for an Assistant Maintenance Manager whose core responsibilities include supervising/working with all daily maintenance functions in support of the Plant.



         Organize the maintenance team's work

         Manage Leads: integrate, train, appraise,

         redefine responsibilities, praise, ensure development and gauge training needs

         Conduct interviews as necessary

         Lead a team: delegate, instill a sense of responsibility, set targets, communicate

         instructions, control, listen

         Provide reports to his or her line management


         Apply well-defined standards (costs, budgets)

         Record maintenance data

         Analyze and evaluate maintenance data and determine the negative or positive net effect


         Lead and control various maintenance activities and implement corrective actions

         Propose improvement plans


         Propose technical and organizational improvements to his or her line management


         Works with Plant Manager, Maintenance

         Manager, Assistant Plant Manager, and Project Manager in scheduling maintenance in a manner which maximizes the department's capabilities while meeting the plants needs.

         Monitors Work orders, PM's, and Expense


         Organize his or her team's output (efficiencies, headcount etc.)

o   Plan and schedule manpower consistent with maintenance requirements.


         Apply any environmental regulations and ensure they are respected

         Propose improvements

Safety of Employees:

         Apply the safety rules and ensure they are implemented and followed

         Participate in analyzing occupational hazards

         Prevent potential risks

         Take necessary measures if people are performing unsafe acts or are in an unsafe environment


         Follow quality programs to ensure the quality and specifications of product are continually met

         Alert his /her supervisor or/and manager when there is deviation from quality policies and standards

Food Safety:

         Follow food safety programs throughout the entire plant

         Follow the food safety work orders proper realization

         Responsible to verify the form # RF MAINT 001 when working in a product contact area (when products are present)

         Alert his manager or /and food safety team when there is deviation from food safety policies and standards


         Uphold all rules pertaining to confidentiality of information regarding Company products, recipes and employee information.

Required Profile:


         Education: Technical degree in Technical/Engineering discipline preferred.

         Experience: 5 years experience in maintenance within the dairy industry and/or food industry. 2-5 years experience in management/supervisory role.

Knowledgeable of:

         Agri-food industry technology and processes, sound maintenance practice, quality, food safety, and health & safety.

Experience in:

         Maintenance supervision, organizational tools and methods, flow management, environmental safety management, office systems (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel & Maximo)

Behavioral Skills:

         The ideal candidate will be proactive and dynamic, flexible and receptive to new ideas, down to earth and pragmatic, analytical and attentive to detail. He or she will also be capable of working independently in adherence to regulations, of managing stress and remaining calm under pressure and be able to demonstrate an inquiring mind and well-developed observational skills. The assistant maintenance manager will demonstrate a sense of responsibility and high professional standards, honesty, integrity, objectivity and an ability to see the overview.


Dave Sloan, Vice President-Dairy Operations, Tom Sloan & Associates, dsloan@tsloan.com, 920-261-8890

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