JO 15581 Project Manager



Salary Range:

Experience Based

Reports to:

Plant Manager


Managing capital expenditures and processing projects for the location. To provide leadership to recommend, plan and implement a wide variety of projects which supports the company. Responsible for the preparation of overall programs and process direction to provide productivity and quality improvements in the operational efficiencies of plant operations, including optimum use of facilities and equipment layout, operations analysis for continuous improvement, product quality, labor  engineering and budgeting.


Project Management/Process Engineering:

·         Propose capex expenditures projects to the direction of the plant

·         Develop and implement, with the collaboration of plant manager and the local staff, the plant strategies and annual plans for optimizing the plant productivity and throughput to include: plant optimization, lean manufacturing, waste reduction, labor/cost standards, product formulations, new equipment justification, plant design and layout

·         Participants with members of the plant management team to assess capital expenditures and ROA/ROI studies to justify building new builds, plant modifications, equipment layout, new equipment purchases and implementation of process improvement ideas

·         Prepares project documents including project justifications, budget analyses, calculations, plans, specifications, cost estimates, and schedules for assigned projects

·         After validation of the capital expenditure by the manufacturing department, perform different projects.

·         Perform design work including researching data, conduction feasibility and economic studies, and determine design criteria in accordance with required standards and codes for assigned projects

·         Determine scope of work, prepares request for proposals, evaluate proposals, and participate in selection of contractors for projects; assist in negotiating contracts; administrate procurement of contract agreements; administer contracts during the course of the work to ensure compliance with proposed design, material specifications, budget, contract, and schedules; reviews contractors' submitted work products and recommend adjustments as appropriate

·         Review ongoing project plans in the plant to assure compliance with schedule, cost, and quality of projects; provide immediate manager with reports and information as to progress, issues and opportunities in a proactive manner; provide periodic reporting and project status to senior management as to the performance of projects

·         Maintain accurate and up to date project files and drawings, and identify and correct safety, ergonomic and operational problems through proper design of equipment      ·

·         Develop and maintain relationships with Purchasing, key suppliers and vendors regarding equipment and supplies; as needed is involved in contract reviews and negotiations

·         Implement use of new technologies, cost saving techniques/materials, improved safety procedures and least disruptive utility construction.

·         Develop material and equipment standards for new and existing practices.


·         Reinforces the quality of products and services from the plant are ensuring the highest level possible.

·         Provides assistance with the maintenance manager in setting-up and managing systems for preventative maintenance for the manufacturing operation.


·         Reviews on-going project plans to assure compliance with schedule, cost, and quality of projects.

·         Provides immediate manager with reports and information as to progress, issues, and opportunities in a proactive manner.

·         Evaluates the effectiveness of current equipment and facilities in light of production schedules or anticipated requirements.

·         Recommends alternatives.


·         Continuously seeks new ways of improving performance and controlling costs.

·         Conducts miscellaneous research, simulations, and comparisons as needed. Develops and implements any new reporting tools as needed.

·         Propose technical and organizational improvements to his or her line management

·         Be involved in trials {machines, products, processes etc.)


·         Apply any environmental regulations and ensure they are respected

·         Propose improvements

Safety of Employees:

·         Apply the safety rules and ensure they are implemented and followed

·         Participate in analyzing occupational hazards

·         Prevent potential risks

·         Take necessary measures if people are performing unsafe acts or are in an unsafe environment


·         Follow quality programs  to ensure the quality and specifications of product are continually met

·         Alert manager when there is deviation from quality policies and standards

Food Safety:

·         Follow food safety programs throughout the entire plant

·         Responsible to complete form # RF MAINT 001 when working in a product contact area (when products are present)

·         Alert manager when there is deviation from food safety policies and standards

Company Policies:

·         Comply with all Company Policies and Procedures


·         Uphold all rules pertaining to confidentiality of information regarding Company products, recipes and employee information

Required Profile:


·         Education: Bachelor’s degree in Technical/Engineering preferred.

·         Experience: Previous employment in a food/Dairy industry setting preferred. 2-5 years experience in a similar role.

Knowledge of:

·         Agri-food industry technology and processes, project or product engineering in food or dairy processing plant, knowledge of main dairy process equipment (HTST, separator, membrane systems, mechanical, electrical and control systems associated). FDA and USDA regulations. Must be familiar with Autocad and Microsoft Office.

Experience in:

·         Electrical and mechanical systems, broad level experience in managing complex projects and installations.

Behavioral/Physical Skills:

·         The ideal candidate will be proactive and dynamic, flexible and receptive to new ideas, down to earth and pragmatic, analytical and attentive to detail. He or she will also be capable of working independently in adherence to regulations, of managing stress and remaining calm under pressure, and be able to demonstrate an inquiring mind and well-developed observational skills. Will demonstrate a sense of responsibility and high professional standards, honesty and integrity, objectivity and an ability to see the overview. Strong organizational skills, along with ability to work in a team.


Dave Sloan, Vice President-Dairy Operations, Tom Sloan & Associates, dsloan@tsloan.com, 920-261-8890

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