JO 15590 Quality Assurance Services Director


Bismarck, ND (100,000 population, Great River Scene, Golfing, Fishing, Shopping etc.)

Salary Range:

$80K+; Relocation Assistance Provided

Basic Function:

To oversee quality control to ensure products produced meet Company and USDA specifications as directed by the Chief Operating Officer. “Hands On” position.


Vocational School or Graduate College Degree in Food Technology or related discipline or equivalent experience in the meat processing industry


A minimum of 6 years experience of QA/QC in the Meat Processing or similar industry.

Skill, Knowledge and Abilities:

a)      Good interpersonal, analytical, organization and communication skills – both written and verbal.

b)      Demonstrates leadership by taking ownership, being enthusiastic, motivated and a self-starter.

c)   Good project development and follow through. Ability to present innovative ideas and suggestions.

Working Conditions:

Office environment with plant conditions of noise, cold, wet and slippery conditions.


·         Handles all personnel actions including hiring, training, promoting, disciplining & terminating.

·         Stop any operation within the facility that presents a quality, food safety or personnel safety issue.

Full decision making authority within the functional area of the position.


·         Ensure that quality expectations are met.

·         Ensure that food safety related programs are adequately developed and implemented, verified and validated.

·         Stay current with regulatory requirements and develop new programs or procedures to maintain compliance.

·         Direct the QA Tech’s, lab manager and pre-shipment review.

·         Supervise and evaluate staff ensuring performance evaluations are completed in a timely manner.

·         Administer TQC Programs.

·         HACCP team member with accountability for pre-shipment review.

·         Ensures the safety of all employees through instruction regarding safety methods to be utilized in performing work duties, for taking immediate corrective measures to eliminate hazardous conditions and/or practices and for the prevention of all accidents, whether personal injury or property damage.  Will not permit safety to be sacrificed for any reason, including production, time limitations or unexpected problems.

Principal Duties:

·         Supervise, schedule and train Quality Assurance Staff.

a)      Review Performance Annually

b)      Monitor tasks and paperwork


·         Manage “Tagged Inventory Control Program”.

a)      Tag Inventory Control Report


·         Administer Scaling Loss Program

a)     Train supervisors and line leaders on Scaling Loss

b)    Monitor Scaling Loss Program.

c)     Make corrections to stuffing weights


·         Direct Rework and Break the Chain Program

a)     Monitor Rework Program.

b)    Direct Hold & Release Program

c)     Release held products to meet customers’ expectations


·         Monitor Laboratory Results

a)     Out Side Laboratories.

b)    Coordinate “COA’s” with laboratories.

c)     Coordinate “COA’s” with customers.

d)    Review outside laboratories and make changes.


·         Direct Listeria Monitoring Programs, Environmental and Product Contact

a)     Direct “LMP” sampling.

b)    Review “LMP” sampling results.

c)     Review “LMP” program and make adjustments.

d)    Review sanitation practices.

e)     Monitor customers request for Listeria Monocytogenes.

f)     Monitor news services, industry publications and sources for updates.


·         Manage sanitation standard operating procedures.

a)     Train QA and operations personnel for “SSOP”.

b)    Review daily “SSOP” reports.

c)     Work with supervisors for proper documentation of “SSOP”.

d)    Review “SSOP” program and make adjustments.

e)     Evaluate conditions of cross contamination.


·         Monitor supplier products.

a)     Direct sampling of suppliers and review results.

b)    Audit supplier plant.


·         Manage product labels

a)     Monitor all company labels for content and accuracy

b)    Apply for USDA approval for new labels

c)     Manage label auditing

d)    Monitor Spice room activities

e)     Monitor all packaging supplies for completeness

f)     Manage Child Nutrition Program


·         Supervise pest control program.

a)     Monitor that specifications for Pest Control Program are being adhered to.

b)    Review Pest Control Program reports.

c)     Contract with licensed provide


·         Teach HACCP Course to supervisory and plant personnel.

·         Teach or supervise monthly Food Safety instructions for plan personnel.

·         Represent this Foods Company on American Meat Institute Inspection Committee.

·         Supervise “Quality Control Points” program

·         Train Quality Assurance Staff for “QCP’s

·         Monitoring Smokehouse balancing program

·         Coordinate tests with operation and maintenance.


·         Manage Total Quality Control Program

   Write and Review TQC Program

a)      Stuffing Weights and Net Weight Program

b)      Manage Scaling Loss Program

c)       Monitor PFF Program

d)      Monitor Glass Report

e)      Supervise Pest Control Program

f)       Manage Water & Ice sampling and monitor results

g)      Manage Brine Chill Sampling & results

h)      Manage X% and Inject Pork Programs

i)        Monitor Bacon program

j)        Monitor Packaging

k)      Monitor source and location of company records

l)        Monitor production records throughout the plant


·         Manage Pre-shipment Review

a)      Mature technician for Pre-shipment Review.

b)      Train back up technicians for Pre-shipment Review.

c)       Monitor activities for Pre-shipment Review.


·         Coordinate all active files associated with Noncompliance Reports

a)      Formulate appeals for spurious Noncompliance Reports.


·         Perform any other duties as directed by the Chief Operating Officer.

Develop new programs for This Foods Company


of Performance:

·         Work results in all activities being accomplished in accordance with the directives of the Chief Operating Officer.

·         All reports have been submitted in an accurate and timely manner.

·         Subordinates are supervised in such a manner that the employee morale and productivity is maintained at the highest possible level.

·         Treats co-workers, management and customers with respect and dignity.

·         Maintains high safety standards.

·         Employee performance evaluations have been accomplished on those personnel reporting directly to the Quality Assurance Manager.

·         Actively participates in management meetings.



Tom Sloan, President, Tom Sloan & Associates, tsloan@tsloan.com, 920-261-8890

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