JO 15683 Automation Process Electrician



Salary Range:

$65K - $75K


An industrial electrician installs, services and repairs wiring, conduits, fixtures and programming frequency drives and systems in an industrial or commercial setting. Industrial electricians may work in different industries. They often work primarily either in maintenance or in construction, and their specific duties may depend on the employer. All work performed by an industrial electrician must meet the regulations of the National Electrical Code.

This position is primarily scheduled during both 1st and 2nd shift depending on PMs.

This position requires experience as an automation process electrician.

Essential Job

Industrial electricians' job duties may include running electronic tests and inspections, cleaning contacts or circuit boards, ensuring that systems are grounded and installing outlets, lighting fixtures and switches. Preventative measures such as oiling motors, bending conduit and replacing old wiring are also among their duties. When electrical systems break down, industrial electricians are responsible for troubleshooting and fixing the problem.



Dave Sloan, Vice President-Dairy Operations, Tom Sloan & Associates, dsloan@tsloan.com, 920-261-8890

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