JO 15714 Night Production Superintendent



Salary Range:


Department Area:

Production Department

Reports to:

Production Manager


This position oversees the night operations of the facility for compliance and performance, and will work closely with the areas of staffing oversight, document flow and planning for continuous improvement of the operation.  This position is to be hands-on and involved in floor activities and troubleshooting to keep operations running at optimal performance.


  1. Directs supervisors and employees to manufacture in accordance with product specifications, and monitor those activities.
  2. Assist in continuous improvement of operations for improved efficiency and shrink reduction.
  3. Backup for the production manager when out or on vacation.
  4. Making out work orders for items that need repair and communicate with maintenance department on resolving facility issues.
  5. Working with all supervisors and managers to insure that pertinent information is communicated in a timely manner.
  6. Ensure night personnel are trained and keep logs on all of the trained personnel.
  7. Having the authority to hand down written verbal disciplinary warnings when necessary and keeping production manager informed.
  8. Coordinate with mix, flavor, maintenance and freezer personnel of the needs to keep production flowing smoothly.
  9. Have a thorough understanding and ability to run all machines and freezers, and work in production when necessary.
  10. Any other duties assigned by production manager.


Other General Duties:

  • Good communication skills and encourage teamwork with all personnel throughout plant.
  • Participating in production meetings and any other meetings that you are asked to attend.
  • Make sure all paperwork is filled out properly and thoroughly.
  • Enforce all G.M.P.ís policies and procedures paying special attention to the allergens.
  • Continually striving to find ways to be more efficient, cut company costs, and improve the operation.



High School Education



2 yrs. supervising aspects of production


Working Conditions:

Office and plant environment.  Person must be computer literate with strong math and organizational skills.  Also be adaptable to all conditions of the employees.


Additional Information:

  • Expected to adhere to all company policies and procedures.
  • Portray a positive attitude at all times.
  • Trust, honesty, integrity, and confidentiality are required.
  • Do not participate in gossip or rumor development, work to eliminate it.
  • Expected to treat people fairly and with dignity even when there are disagreements or problems.
  • Respond effectively to legitimate concerns raised by employees.
  • Responsible for gathering and sharing information on any issues that need addressing with management so that we can effectively develop positive employee relations.



Dave Sloan, Vice President-Dairy Operations, Tom Sloan & Associates, dsloan@tsloan.com, 920-261-8890

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