JO 15719 Quality Assurance Manager



Salary Range:

Experience –based




This position is salary, and the hours may vary upon work load and various situations that need to be addressed by Quality Control.

Essential Functions:

1.       Have the ability to perform all necessary testing to assure all products produced by the Company, meet company and regulatory standards.  i.e. (P.H., Titrate able Acidity, Fat, Coliform, Standard Plate Count, Solids, Brix, Listeria and Salmonella.)

2.       Responsible for using the Genesis label program to ensure all nutritional and ingredient labeling requirements are accurate and maintained for both the company, and regulatory standards.

3.       Responsible to successfully manage, and maintain the SQF, and all food safety programs for the company in documentation and implementation.  This includes taking appropriate action to ensure the sustained certification of the SQF system. 

4.       Have the ability to formulate mixes for processing and develop/maintain flavor recipes.

5.       Successfully accompany inspectors and third party auditors on all plant inspections.

6.       Responsible to review and manage all customer concerns regarding quality issues for the company and work as a liaison between departments to establish corrective actions.

7.       Be proficient in Microsoft Office programs, especially Excel.

8.       Work with all department managers and customers on any quality issues.

9.       Oversee all laboratory functions including ordering of supplies and managing staffing.

10.   Participate in educational programs to enhance skills.

11.   Other duties as assigned by Operations Manager or management.


College degree/certificate and prior experience in food manufacturing required.


Dave Sloan, Vice President-Dairy Operations, Tom Sloan & Associates, dsloan@tsloan.com, 920-261-8890

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