JO 15739 Regulatory  Affairs Manager

Manufacturer of custom value-added Spice/ Seasonings blends, Flavor Technologies & Ingredients for the food and beverage industry.


Southeastern WI

Salary Range:

$ Competitive compensation based on your experience.


Establishes documented programs, processes and/or procedures to ensure that both internal and external products, work-in-progress and finished product packaging/labeling designs conform to all applicable Federal, State and local regulatory requirements including subcontracted certifying agencies. Manages the day-to-day operation of the Regulatory function of the Company, including the supervision of all Regulatory Department personnel, which includes the entire internal Label Department function.


Essential Functions:

1.       Helps to keep the approved ingredients vendor documentation within the Regulatory Document Management System, including associated hard copy specification, MSDS, nutritional, Kosher, and other requisite Regulatory files current as needed.


2.       Assists the Vice President of Quality Assurance & Regulatory in developing tactical plans, policies, and procedures to ensure quality improvement efforts will meet or exceed internal and external customer needs and expectations.


3.       Enters, maintains and controls all raw material and finished product allergen information in MFG Pro.


4.       Works closely with all personnel, internal or external, involved in the product design process and effectively communicates the regulatory status of a proposed product design to assure that the product is in compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements.


5.       Works with the Tech Center by authorizing ingredient declarations for samples and finished products, supplying nutritional information when necessary, and offering consultation on various Regulatory concerns by interpreting Federal, State, and local regulation as they pertain to Company-supplied or distributed products.


6.       Facilitates the exchange of technical information with customers, including nutritional database analysis and other documentation requests as needed.


7.       Applies and understanding of the corrective action, preventative action, document management, internal audit and the process improvement processes and their impact on the regulatory affairs of the Company.


8.       Applies an understanding of the basic document control process as it applies to the Company's documentation system and our FSSC22000 certification.


9.       Manages the Kosher and Halal certification processes from application for certification to the proper labeling of products requiring Kosher or Halal certification.


10.    Ensures that all applicable department tactical goals are achieved as directed in the Regulatory Department tactical plan.


11.    Determines regulatory requirements for specific products, as well as coordinates all customer requests for technical information such as specification sheets, MSDS, allergen status, nutritional information, etc.


12.    Completes and effectively communicates applicable NAFTA and Company allergen control requirements and the TTB formula submission process.


13.    Reviews and completes all regulatory stages of the product commercialization process as well as the product packaging design process for new or revised products.


14.    Collects, organizes and maintains all vendor raw material information required to become an approved ingredient within the Regulatory Document Management System, including specifications, MSDS, Kosher status, nutritional composition, allergen content and any other specific raw material data required.


15.    Consults with the Vice President of QA & Regulatory when significant deviations occur from planned submission schedule or when product testing or labeling will be unlikely to meet regulatory requirements.




Performs other tasks and responsibilities as needed.


1.       Minimum of a Bachelor's degree is required.

2.       Previous food industry experience in Regulatory, QA/QC, R&D or Technical Services is required.

3.       Strong math, computer, communication, organizational and multi-tasking skills are also required.



Must possess, demonstrate and follow all instructions, procedures, and guidelines set forth in all applicable Company/ISO/department policies to assure continued quality products are produced.


Physical Demands:

Must be able to spend prolonged periods of time sitting or standing, doing paperwork and using a computer.

Working Conditions:

Normal front office environment with occasional exposure to hazards of an industrial environment including noise, dust, hazardous materials, machinery and lift equipment.



Terri Sherman, Vice President-Industrial Foods, Ingredients & Flavors, Tom Sloan & Associates, tsherman@tsloan.com, 920-261-8890, Cell: 414-530-4171

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