JO 15807 Cheesemaker 1 for AM Shift & 1 for PM Shift




Salary Range:

Negotiable, based on experience



The Cheesemakers are responsible for testing, record-keeping, and daily operations of the cook vats and enclosed finishing vats where the milk is turned into cheese. The position follows the recipes and instructions of the Cheese & Butter Technologist while reporting to the operations manager. The person appointed will be expected to perform preventative maintenance, inventory spare parts to ensure proper operation of equipment in their department. Excellent communication and attention to detail are required in order to be able to coordinate strategy with the rest of the management team.


This is an hourly position and training on both shifts is required. The position will average 45 hours a week.



Essential Job Functions

         Following Cheese recipes.

         Manage testing and record keeping.

o   PH, Titratable acidity, and other various testing equipment.

o   Record progress of each vat.

o   Communicate with other departments for smooth transition of product and record.

         Monitor and test water purification systems, filters.

         Inventory and Manager spare seals, valves kits, and gaskets.

         Perform preventative maintenance on the predefined plan.

         Provide information at daily Cheesemaker meetings.

         Maintain and manage Clean-in-Place (CIP) System

         Assist the Cheese Technologist in conducting studies and research to improve yield and quality of products.


Required Skills:

         Proven ability to deliver results.

         In depth knowledge of Food Science; knowledge of the Dairy Industry preferred.

         Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills.

         Ability to articulate effectively; both verbal and in writing.

         Highly personable, trustworthy.

         Ability to motivate staff about the importance of quality and sanitation.

         Ability to develop and explain detailed spreadsheets and present to staff.

         Strong communication skills.


Required Experience & Education:

         Experience working in a Lab environment and/or Dairy Farm experience.

         Successful track record of delivering results.

This a full-time position which includes a comprehensive benefits plan, including health, dental, retirement and more.



Dave Sloan, Vice President-Dairy Operations, Tom Sloan & Associates, dsloan@tsloan.com, 920-261-8890

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