JO 15809 Design/Process Engineer




Salary Range:




The Design/Process Engineer would specify and design systems to suit customer needs (we have 7 engineers on staff and most solutions are collaborations of multiple disciplines and experiences).



  • Work with customers and co-workers to design processes and specify equipment based on:
    • Storage volume.
    • Throughput.
    • Materials of construction.
    • Facility layout.
    • Flowability.
    • Cost.
    • Constructability.
    • Regulations.
    • Other process requirements (temperature, residence time, moisture, pressure drop, etc.)
  • Process Design is typically in the following bulk material handling industries:
    • Food and bakery waste.
    • Sawdust and wood waste.
    • Dairy and poultry manure.
    • Fertilizer.
    • Corn and soy seeds.
    • Feed mills.
    • Silica and cement.
    • Vegetable and fruit waste.
    • Coffee beans.
  • Equipment Specification includes both manufactured (m) and purchased (p) components of design:
    • Rotary dryers (m).
    • Furnaces (m).
    • Ductwork (m).
    • Support structure (m).
    • Storage bins and hoppers (m).
    • Burners (p).
    • Airlocks (p).
    • Cyclones (p).
    • Gear boxes (p).
    • Conveyors belt, screw, drag (p).
    • Gates, diverters, and distributors (p).
    • Bucket elevators (p).
    • Load cells (p).
  • Create bids/quotes for customers based on understanding of the above.
  • Produce conceptual hand drawings for draftsmen and customers.
    • And possible final construction drawings for approval/fabrication if time/ability permits.
  • Support engineering work with calculations as needed.
  • Visit customers/active job sites as needed (average: 2-4 times per year).


The ideal candidate would have:

        Minimum 5 years of hands-on experience in some type of agricultural, forestry, or bulk material continuous processing related industry (feed mills, seed production, milling, pelleting, water treatment and cement).

       Strong CAD skills a plus.

         Have either a mechanical, agricultural, or civil degree.



Dave Sloan, Vice President-Dairy Operations, Tom Sloan & Associates, dsloan@tsloan.com, 920-261-8890, Cell: 920-342-4208

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