JO 15854 Quality Assurance Manager



Salary Range:

$20/hr Initially

Reports To:



Manage HACCP program.  Manage SQF Food Safety Management System. Oversee Food Safety and Legality.  Assist President, Production Manager and Cheesemakers with Quality Assurance program.  Assist Cheesemakers with production of quality cheeses. Member of emergency response team. Work in a team environment.  Participate in training programs and educational seminars.  Oversee QA lab assistant.

Essential Duties/

Quality Control

  1. Manage Quality Assurance Program. Share QA updates at staff meetings. 
  2. Develop and monitor CBFC HACCP program to insure compliance with regulatory agencies.
  3. Oversee SQF certification.
  4. Possess a working knowledge of cheesemaking, quality control and lab testing procedures to help insure compliance with customer specifications and regulatory groups.
  5. Have knowledge of GMPs and utilize these in all duties.
  6. Participate in third party audits.
  7. Develop and maintain GMP training plan for employees, as well as staff updates/training meetings.
  8. Work with plant personnel to implement training.
  9. Work as a HACCP team or independently to complete paperwork, forms.
  10. Update Master Sanitation plan and share with staff.
  11. Coordinate cheese tasting and evaluation program. Routinely taste and evaluate in-house cheese samples.
  12. Coordinate pathogen environmental monitoring program
  13. Perform daily laboratory tasks and procedures.
  14. Act as an internal auditor. Conduct internal plant audits. 
  15. Review and update SOPs and SSOPs.
  16. Oversee Laboratory and personnel. 
  17. Oversee Food Safety and Legality.
  18. Assist with cheesemaking and cheese packaging as needed.
  19. Perform job duties according to safety rules. 
  20.  Understanding of SQF and Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese food safety programs.
  21. Be aware of food safety and report any concerns/threats to your supervisor or management.

Other Duties/


  1. Ability to follow directions and report non-standard or unusual events. 
  2. Respect for and trustworthy with public and private property.
  3. Willingness to accept supervisor and staff suggestions.
  4. Willingness to perform repetitive and/or non-routine tasks.
  5. Reliable and dependable enough to maintain efficient work pattern.
  6. Aptitude to learn from oral and written instructions.
  7. Willingness to participate in training sessions.
  8. Detail oriented.
  9. Ability to lift 10-50 lbs. 
  10. Ability to work weekends.
  11. Be at work when scheduled.  Be able to work eight plus hours per day.


Dave Sloan, Vice President-Dairy Operations, Tom Sloan & Associates, dsloan@tsloan.com, 920-261-8890

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