POSITION: Master Cheesemaker


SALARY: $65k+


-Evaluate incoming milk using various microbiological tests.

-Create formula based on fluctuations in daily milk supply.

-Cook milk & specified ingredients to make cheese according to formula.

-Pasteurize & separate milk to obtain prescribed butterfat to protein ratio.

-Fill vat & heat milk to specified temperature.

-Dump & mix measured amounts of color & starter into milk.

-Test sample of milk for pH & acidity & allow agitator to mix ingredients until specified acidity level is reached.

-Dump & mix measured rennet into milk.

-Stop agitator to allow milk to coagulate in to curd.

-Cut curd & release whey. Observe thermometer, adjust steam valve & start agitator to stir & cook curd at prescribed temperature for specified time.

-Squeeze & stretch sample of curd with fingers & extend cooking time to achieve desired firmness or texture.

-Direct workers to make curd, drain whey from curd, dump & press curd into 1200 lb. blocks.

-Direct other workers to immerse cheese in brine. Taste, smell, feel & observe sample plug of cheese for quality.

-At least 93% of cheese must be graded as A. Record amounts of ingredients used, test results & time cycles.

-Make variations in time cycles & ingredients used for succeeding batches.

-Dump specified culture into milk or whey in pasteurizer to make bulk starter.

-Monitor & utilize by-products of Swiss Cheese making.

-Apply knowledge of Swiss Cheese making to R&D of low fat Swiss Cheese, non-fat Swiss cheese or new Swiss Cheese types.

-Calculate & control yield by each vat.

-50 hrs/wk.

Please contact David Sloan 920-261-8890